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The Universal studios Singapore is a uniquely designed studio thematically planned based on the popular Hollywood movies produced by the studio. Established in the year 2010 with 7 themed sections featuring innumerable rides and shows this destination is the ultimate zone for great rides and shows. The theme park is a property of the Resorts World Sentosa development and is among fun places to visit in Singapore. The park is based in a sprawling 18 acre property which has 18 original attractions inside it.

The Hollywood Boulevard will take you to Hollywood when you revisit the famous Hollywood titles on display here. Here you can click photos with your favorite stars and show it off to your friends. For lovers of science fantasy the sci-fi features some great rides including the interlocking roller coaster ride. Madagascar is the most popular zone suitable for all ages. It features some great rides and shows with wonderful sound and video effects.

The Universal studios in Singapore city is just not about the park with rides and entertainment, you can also find some lip smacking dishes served here at the restaurants stationed here. If you are a shopping freak, you will be tempted to choose from enviable collection of T-shirts, key chains and other little attractive thingies offered. You can access your favorite film, get royally welcomed by Shrek and explore the lost world without fearing the gigantic Dinos coming your way.

Get a piece of the great Hollywood movies here with 24 rides, all designed innovatively and maintained extremely well. If you are up for some adventures in Singapore like breathtaking rides, thrills down your spine, then spending a day at Universal Studios Singapore will be an exhilarating experience. The cinematic experience and 4-D experience will sway you by your feet, wanting you to come back again to witness nerve racking action and adventure.

Essential Information

One of the most popular destinations in this tropical locale is usually bustling with crowds with queues of people lining up for tickets to this amazing experience. The tickets are available with choices and sections which gives you the flexibility to plan your trip accordingly. 
1. One day ticket: It is valid for a day’s visit.
The charges are: Adult (Age 13-59) – SGD 79                            Child (Age 4-12) – SGD 59                            Senior (Age 60 and above) – SGD 41

2. Annual pass: It gives you the privilege of 12 months of unrestricted access.
The charges are: Adult (Age 13-59) – SGD 198                            Child (Age 4-12) – SGD 168                            Senior (Age 60 and above) – SGD 168

3. Season pass: It comes with an exclusive membership of 6 months.
The charges are: Adult (Age 13-59) – SGD 108                             Child (Age 4-12) – SGD 98                             Senior (Age 60 and above) – SGD 98

4. Student seasonal pass: It also gives unlimited access for 6 months
The charge are: SGD 98

For more types and varieties of passes, the online site, gives a comprehensive guide on the prices and types depending on the season visit. The Studio is operable between 10.00 am and 8.00 pm and is located at the Sentosa Gateway. 

Places to visit near Universal Studios Singapore

Singapore has some great sites to explore near and around the Universal Studios providing a complete package to everyone. 

– Explore more than 100,000 marine animals fascinating you in the S.E.A. aquarium. You can experience the underwater life right here in the aquarium. This is surely a different experience which makes this place a must visit.

– The mechanical cranes at the Sentosa Crane dance, is sure to entice you with their innovative and revolutionary audio and light effects. The amazing water illusion created by the crane will leave you in awe. 

– The giant roller coaster ride at the Puss in Boots giant journey is yet another attraction located near Universal studios. The adventure atop the giant beanstalk is one great option for those hunting for some nerve racking and edge of the seat thrilling voyage. 

– A perfect escape with family, view dazzling sunsets and lush green vegetation, sitting in Singapore’s most famous offering. The Singapore cable car is an unmissable journey of thrilling ride across the plains of Singapore. 

– The Madam Tussauds Singapore is a great amalgamation of glitterati and glamour. Movie stars, singers, popular players and a host of old world charm engulf this place making it the most happening places in town.

Things to do in Universal Studios Singapore

– If you want to experience nerve racking experience with the most famous characters of the Universal Studios, then your visit here is surely every penny’s worth. The Universal studios is quite famous for a host of things are listed below

– Take joyful rides, designed in different spaces and time. The Transformers ride is the ultimate 3D battle designed as a ride suitable for all ages. If you are a fan of The Mummy, then the indoor roller coaster will take you through the dark tunnels to the world of mummies and beetles. Kids will have a gala time going on the unique treasure hunt to be embarked on a jeep ride through an excavation site. The Jurassic Park rapid adventure is yet another gripping water ride through the habitat of the dinosaurs.

– Enjoy some great shows with the fireworks spectacular which shows some vibrant fireworks with great music. Water world is a great show, which showcases some death defying stunts. 

– Get set for some great street entertainment here with the Rhythm truck featuring groovy foot tapping music. The Hollywood dreams Light-up Parade runs a gigantic parade of some great moments of the famous movies of the studio. The Turntables is a great interactive show featuring latest pop tracks allowing participating and enjoying the show.

Best Time to Visit Universal Studios Singapore

It is a great indoor fun and can be enjoyed any time of the year. The months of March, June, September and December are busiest months here with crowds from everywhere swarming to see this wonder. If you want to avoid crowds, you can visit months apart from them. If you choose to visit during these months then, avoid visiting on a weekend to find manageable crowds. But you might just miss some weekend fun which might not be offered on weekdays.

Tips for Visiting Universal Studios Singapore

– To get your dose of unbridled entertainment, the universal studio is a great zone to experience just that. But if you are first time visitor, you need to keep certain things in mind before you go aboard on this joy ride.

– If you plan your trip around the off season you will not have to worry about getting lost in the crowd.

– It is always better to book your tickets online so that you don’t have to undergo the tortuous path of tackling huge crowds waiting to go inside.

– Pack only necessities for the trip. You might not want to carry a heavy bag the entire day so fill it only with the necessities.

– Go over the website and decide before hand the rides you want to go. It will save you the time and energy to wait at different counters.

– Do not miss the parades and take every little effort to get yourself clicked with the characters for wonderful remembrance.

– Start early because the early you are, the less tired you will get because the as the day passes, the crowds get thickened making you tired and weary. 

– Always carry an umbrella for the unpredictable weather of Singapore.

How to reach Universal Studios Singapore from Airport?

There about 4 ways with which you can get to Universal Studios from the Airport.

1. If you take the subway, it will take about an hour.
2. The taxi or self drive will take you about 25 minutes to cover the 25 kms distance.
3. The bus rides are cheaper but it will take about 2 hours to reach dampening your spirit.
4. The quickest way to get from Changi Airport MRT Station to Universal Studios Singapore is to shuttle which costs $20 and takes 23m.

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